Recreational Studio

The school runs every afternoon of the week giving children the opportunity to learn classical ballet as an extra-curricular activity. Children are given the opportunity to enter for eisteddfods, competitions, workshops and examinations where technical ability, emotional maturity and regular attendance is closely observed.

Classical Ballet

Studies have shown that ballet training can have astonishing benefits for students, benefits that will stay with them throughout their lives, such as improved proprioception, co-ordination, posture and cardio-vascular health; as well as discipline and realisation of the importance of fulfilling commitments and team work.  Other benefits include self-esteem, communication skills, cultural enrichment and better cognitive abilities, including reading and mathematics.




Leah Deetlefs Intermediate Foundation Winner
Meghan Klynveld Intermediate Winner


Taneil Nunn  Advanced 1  Winner
Taneil Nunn First recipient of  the RAD Dove / Stirling Bursary Award
Teegan Megaw  Reached Final Round of SAIBC
Gia Polson Accepted into the Princess Grace Academy, Monaco, through the YAGP 2018
Gia Polson  First receipient of the Mignon Furman award for AAB Summer School


 Teegan Megaw  Intermediate Winner
Cherie Pelser Advanced 2 Runner-up
Natasha Powell  Recipient of the Keith Mackintosh Prague Scholarship Award
Cherie Pelser Accepted into the Cape Town City Ballet Graduate Program


Cherie Pelser Joint Intermediate Winner
Celina Gruber Intermediate Foundation Winner


Claire Barrett Intermediate Foundation Winner
Caitlin Spies Intermediate Foundation Runner-up
Claire Barrett  Mabel Ryan Runner-up


Emma Jooste Intermediate Runner-up


No Cecchetti examinations due to Covid-19


Gia Polson  Intermediate Winner
Taneil Nunn  Intermediate Runner-up
Gia Polson  Auditioned for YAGP in Florence & qualified for YAGP finals for 2018


Teegan Megaw Intermediate Foundation Winner
Teegan Megaw Mabel Ryan Joint Runner-up


Claire Barrett Advanced 1 Winner
Nicola Lubbe Advanced 1 Joint Runner-up


Amy Payne Intermediate Runner-up


Emma Jooste Intermediate Foundation Winner



Meghan Klynveld Mabel Ryan  Winner
Meghan Klynveld Intermediate Foundation Winner
Mignon van Jaarsveld

Intermediate Foundation  Runner-Up

Teegan Megaw Advanced 1 Winner
Sumé Wille Advanced 2 Winner
Sumé Wille Cyril Beaumont Winner


Gia Polson  Mabel Ryan Winner
Emma Wood Mabel Ryan Runner-up
Gia Polson  Intermediate Foundation Winner
Emma Wood Intermediate Foundation Runner-up
Joshua Williams  Scholarship for the Zurich Dance Academy, Switzerland, through the SAIBC 2016


Cherie Pelser Advanced I Winner
Zoë Aldridge  Mabel Ryan Winner
Zoë Aldridge Intermediate Foundation Winner


Claire Barrett Intermediate Winner


Amy Payne Mabel Ryan Runner-up


Emma Jooste Mabel Ryan Winner

Some of the above-mentioned dancers have been accepted into the following schools/Companies:

English National Ballet School & Company, UK
Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, UK
Ballet Magnificat! & Company Graduate Program, USA
Cape Town City Ballet Graduate Program, SA /

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